Move My Blocks Energy Healing Training Course

Move My Blocks Energy Healing Training Course

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You’ve heard of energy healing, tried it and LOVED IT! Now you want to help others heal too!

Hear at Move My Blocks, we have discovered a way to combine powerful energy healing and mind-changing mentoring tools that anyone can use. You don’t need to have any special gifts to help change the lives of those around you, you only need this simple training. How wonderful is that!

This is the perfect class to learn energy healing:

  • Classes are online so you can go at your own pace
  • Learn in the comfort of your home
  • Go through the course when it is convenient to you, without taking time off of work
  • Watch the class videos over and over until you understand the concepts
  • Get access to the classes for life!
  • A student binder for you to use during sessions
  • A laminated menu mailed to you to use as a reference guide
  • Live Q & A sessions every week
  • New training every month*
  • Facebook support group

You will learn how to muscle test to find the weak points in the energy systems and how to clear them. This isn’t just energy healing though, we also include some AMAZING mentoring concepts and methods that can be used after an energy healing session to really help people move forward even faster. If you haven’t tried this method yet, schedule a session today and see why everyone is talking about it!

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BONUS: If you have completed the Friends and Family Energy Healing Course and decide to upgrade to this course within six month, then we will credit you back the amount you paid for the Friends and Family Energy Healing Course after you register.

I can’t wait to help you on the new journey!

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See what others are saying about the results from this method!

Courtney is such an educated, helpful, and caring person. She has helped my family and I many many times. I appreciate her so much & recommend her to everyone!
Chelsea S.
When I met Courtney I was at a pretty low point in my life! She starting out by doing energy work on me one night with just the two of us. I felt so many emotions that night, so many memories came up that I had forgotten about. The amount of negative energy that she released from my body was amazing! She helped me feel more comfortable with my life situation, with my struggles, with my past and my future! She has done much more work on me since then and I feel like a completely different person! She has an amazing gift and she is always helping people out for the better! I’ve seen the work that she’s done on other people too and it’s always amazing to me!
Kira C.
I suffered from horrible migraines for 20+ years. I tried EVERYTHING! Medication, muscle stems, icing, heating, changing my diet. You name it, I had tried it.  It wasn’t until I met with Courtney that I actually found something that helped. Not only did it help, but I can now say that I am migraine free. That’s right!!! I NO LONGER even get migraines. Courtney is amazing at what she does!
Tawn A.
I was able to release several deep -seeded issues in one session with Courtney,  one of which was held just above my shoulder blades.  I have had pain there for years (unknowingly from a previous emotional experience) that would flare unexpectedly and cause me to not be able to turn my head without immense pain for days.  I have had no pain there for 7 months now!! She also placed some very positive truths that I have noticed as an active part of my life in the last 3 or 4 months.  I used to be so negative about certain aspects of my appearance, and have noticed recently that I am no longer that way… and I’m only 6 weeks postpartum. With my last baby that negativity was a daily occurrence. Thank you Courtney!